Tom Flynn writes…

What a great night last night at Westport Toastmasters. The table topics were interesting and varied from the ‘gap year’ to Santa Claus, female referees, cats and dogs to annoying advertisements. The prepared speeches were as usual entertaining and informative. The level 6 speech was about the Christmas spirit but more importantly about training Satcha the wonder dog. Fortunately for the owner Satcha turned out to be man’s best friend in the end. Level 7 speech dealt with the development of Baileys Cream liquor. The appetite of all was certainly whetted but alas not a drop was to be had. In the advanced communicator sections we had King Arthur’s Camelot and the knights (or in this case one brave knight, Sir Gawain) experience some travails. And as the Knights rode off into the mists of time along came Maradona and ‘The Beautiful Game’ as an advanced Member brought the club Members and guests on a journey of change with high goal scoring opportunities, no corner kicks, higher and wider goal mouths,no offside and a playing pitch more in line with the Australian rules than anything dreamed up by FIFA. Myles na Gopaleen in all his journeys couldn’t dream something so fabulous. And so ended out last club meeting of this year 2017. What a blast, what a year. What table topics, what presentations.

Great to see so many visitors and new and potential new club members.
See you all in two weeks time for some R and R.and some! Lighthearted brevity.

To all our club Members and potential Members from all of us on the committee

Happy Christmas to you and yours. Looking forward to your contributions in 2018.