Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s this all about?

A: See our page on How Toastmasters Works in the menu

Q: How do I start attending?

A: Most people come with a friend who is attending Toastmasters already, others come on their own. Everyone is welcomed at the door by an existing Toastmasters member. Look at the Calendar for the next meeting of our club.

Q: How do I start speaking?

A: The procedure is explained by the person presiding for the meeting (called the Toastmaster). Usually a new member observes the procedure for a few meetings and then makes an add-on comment to a topic during the topics section. Topics are two minute unprepared speeches.

Q: Do I have to speak?

A: No. If your name is called out and you do not wish to speak you simply say “pass”.

Q: Is there a charge?

A: Yes. There is an annual membership charge (currently €90) and a small meeting charge (currently €5) to cover refreshments.

Q: Is it fun? It sounds a little stressful…

A: Yes, it is a lot of fun! There’s no more pressure put on you than you find useful to develop.

Q: How does the Club fit in with Toastmasters International?

A: We are a registered club, number 5684. We are part of

  • Area 12, which embraces clubs in the Mid-west and West. Area 12 is itself part of
    • Division F(North West Ireland) and, beyond that,
      • District 71(UK and Ireland). District 71 is part of
        • Region 11(Europe, Africa, and the  Middle East), one of 14 Regions which together comprise
          • Toastmasters International.

Q: I have a question that is not answered here: what can I do?

A: Drop us a line on the Contact page

Westport, Mayo, Ireland | Registered Club 5684